Yummy Brownies

I started off with something I was craving.  You know those days.  I sat there thinking, I want something rich, chocolatey that isn’t a candy bar or a fluffy cake, something that just oozes rich chocolate and really?  what does that better than a brownie.  It’s classic and yet, as my mother remarked: not as easy as it sounds to make from scratch.  Honestly, it doesn’t seem too hard but then again, chocolate, baking and myself have always sort of got along.

The night started off with a google and pinterest search for brownie recipes homemade once I couldn’t find a single one in all of my cookbooks (and I have A LOT).  I wasn’t in the mood to go to the store to pick things up (like baking chocolate) so the search the a challenge.  There had to be a recipe that used cocoa powder as the chocolate add because cocoa powder I have (and actually really love).

Then I stumbled on this beautiful recipe, using cocoa powder.  Now, I don’t believe you can really go wrong with brownies because, like I said, it’s chocolate!  Even if you mess up (ie. don’t cook it all the way), it is still chocolate and good.  Especially with ice cream.  This recipe is pretty straight forward and unbelievably easy, so I recommend it.  The brownies that turn out from it are gooey (like the recipe calls them), rich and exactly how a brownie should be.  It isn’t a large batch but you don’t need large batches for brownies that are just for yourself.

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven

The only change I made was to the microwave/melting time because the microwave I have is old, low wattage so I always have to adjust for it.  Luckily I only had to add on an additional thirty seconds (a rarity!).

Serve with vanilla bean ice cream...it's amazing

Serve with vanilla bean ice cream…it’s amazing

This one was a hit and a must try!


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