It’s a Pie Day

For whatever reason, yesterday was one of those days where I just made pies.  Both dinner and dessert were homemade pies, which, to be honest, is kind of a nice way to go when it comes to feeding oneself.  It’s also a bit healthier… maybe not calorie free but certainly it gets rid of all those pesky frozen foods that can’t be healthy.

Homemade chicken pie

Homemade chicken pie

So dinner started off with a chicken and egg pie.  I work at a lovely place call Greenfield Village as one of the historical presenters on the living history sites and we tend to make this pie when we can.  It’s harder there since we can’t just make a quick run to the supermarket for eggs and it uses quite a few eggs.  At the same time, it is rather delicious and simple.

You boil a chicken in some of your favorite spices.  I use parsley, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper because it smells delicious.  The way I season is strictly by smell.  If it smells yummy and makes your stomach grumble, then chances are it will be just as good on the tongue.  Then you let it cook and strip it from the bone.  Simple and easy, just be sure to keep the stock.

After that, boil up some eggs.  I used six for a small casserole sized dish and it worked out wonderfully.  Slice up some potatoes extra thin and make up a flaky pie crust.  The one I used is basic of basic: flour, butter, a bit of milk and then water until it makes a dough.  You want two crusts, like a traditional sweet pie.  Then just layer it up.  I start with chicken, egg, potato and repeat.  Then cover with the stock (see, you need it), it’ll make it juicy and keep it from drying.  And bake.  Not hard at all, but hardy and great for a cold, winter day.  Chicken soup in a pie!

All fancied up Banana Cream pie with Chocolate Pie Crust

All fancied up Banana Cream pie with Chocolate Pie Crust

Now, dessert, I experimented.  I wanted to make a chocolate pie crust and instead of looking one up, decided to make one up.  Turns out, it was delicious.  The chocolate wasn’t overpowering (which was key for me) and great for custard style pies.

Yummy slice!

Yummy slice!

The inside of the pie is banana creme make from two boxes of the instant mix, topped with bananas and whipped topping.  I wanted to be creative but if the crust didn’t work out, I didn’t want to waste a bunch of resources doing everything from scratch.  Next time, I will since it works.

It was a pretty good hit with the family, so I say Pie-Day is an okay type of day.

Chocolate Pie Crust by moi!

1 cup flour, 1/2 stick butter, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/8 cup cocoa powder, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, water

Rub the butter into the flour until you form a breadcrumb style mix.  Then add sugar and cocoa powder.  In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolk, vanilla and one tablespoon water together, then add to the dry mix.  I use a knife to cut the mixture together and it works rather well.  Mix in water to make dough, careful not to handle it too much or else it will become tough.  Roll out.  Makes only one crust.  If you wanted two, keep the sugar, vanilla and tablespoon water the same when doubling everything else.  You may need more water when making a chocolate crust because you are adding to the dry mixture.


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