Quicky Pie

Just a quicky for today.

When I’m in need of a dessert, I always turn toward a pie.  I can make a pie crust pretty decently and I have my go to one that I love for my fruit pies.  It’s a sweet crust and absolutely yummy and flaky if you don’t knead it too much.  Pies are always great because I usually have the supplies to at least make the crust and find something to put in the middle.  This time around, I knew I wanted a pie and bought some frozen fruit.

Small, little, berry pie

Small, little, berry pie

Now, let me just say that I would rather use fresh fruit than anything canned or frozen.  Yes, I adore cherry pie filling (I’ll eat it straight from the can and be a happy camper) but real fruit it always so much fresher with a sweet crust.  The syrup in most pie fillings can make the crust almost too sweet depending on the fruit and the brand.  Plus, if you use fresh fruit, you can decide how much you want in there.  Sadly, frozen fruit bag do not give you much.  Hardly a cup and a half worth of anything but it’s the next best thing to fresh fruit.  Fresh is rather expensive here in the freezing cold of the Midwest in January.  I had to make do and the mix wasn’t too bad.

With pie crust at the ready, I just mixed the frozen fruit with a good 1/4 cup of sugar and a little flour and topped it off.  It’s a very thin, small thing because I only had one bag (I’d recommend two), but when you’re desperate for a sweet, you make do.  This mix was strawberry, sweet cherry, sour cherry, and blackberry.  I am not a fan of blackberries but that’s alright.  It’s a fruit and I’ll take it.

Just a quick, basic thing, but I did make it from scratch and so it counts.  Maybe I should have chopped up some apples…next time.


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