Easier Than Delivery Pizza

For the Superbowl, the family and I didn’t do anything special.  We don’t host parties or really go to them (now that I’m out of college).  For me, at least, it’s an okay game that falls in a busy time.  Plus, I’m budge strapped so I have to play my cards at the right moment.  With that said, we needed a quick and dirty dinner, especially when it’s just before grocery shopping.  Luckily, I had mentioned making a pizza a few days earlier, so we bought the cheese ahead of time.

Basically, I just want to say that homemade pizzas are ALWAYS better than delivery, hands down.  You make it however you want with as much as you want and you don’t have to pay an outrageous price if you want all the fixings.  My brother’s very, very picky, so that means we stick to the basics but even the basics can be fun.

I love a thin crust, so this was perfect for me

I love a thin crust, so this was perfect for me

To make a basic crust tasty, I added a wee bit of garlic salt to the Jiffy pizza crust mix.  And by ‘wee’, I mean, I kinda just tipped it over and when, whoops.  Turns out, it was perfect.  Yay for happy accidents.  It wasn’t overly garlic tasting at all.  I will say that it doesn’t make up the biggest pizza in the world, so if you want a thick crust or making a decent size, get two boxes.

Another great thing about making your own, you get to put as much cheese as you want, and as many kinds as you want.  I had mozzarella and sharp cheddar on hand, using a lot less cheddar than the former.  It balances out nicely.  Don’t forget to add more cheese to top of your toppings for extra cheese happiness, like I did.

This is a long way of saying:  once you go handmade, you never go back.


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