The Peanut Butter Cake

I made this earlier in the week but I forgot that I had not posted it up yet, silly me!  Ah well, I’m sharing now, because this is a lovely but oh, so hefty cake that I found on Pinterest, here.  I get tired of the same old cakes over and over again, and there’s always peanut butter around so why not give it a shot?  Dessert is good no matter what in my book.

I used a cookie cutter for some fun sprinkle art.

I used a cookie cutter for some fun sprinkle art.

It’s a fairly easy cake to put together but you can just look at the ingredients and know your diet is going to handle it well.  Still, now and then you need a splurge, right?  Besides, after working at Greenfield Village where the historical baking is quite rich and hefty (their cakes anyway), I find I prefer it.  You need a smaller slice to get rid of that craving.  It’s a much more satisfying bite than some of the super fluffy cakes out there (not that I don’t love those too).

You really just need a little cake.

You really just need a little cake.

It took longer to bake than the instructions, almost twice as long, and I’m still not convinced it baked all the way through.  Of course, it could be due to my mother’s oven and stove which we both lament, but we make do with what we have.  The cake turned out very, very rich and tasty and with the chocolate frosting on top, was like an Easter goodie.  In fact, I was recommended to make these into cupcakes with chocolate chips (ok, that was my add there) and with a very light frosting for the family Easter dinner.  I concur.

I will say this:  regular frosting you buy at the store seems a little too much for this cake.  Quite honestly, I could eat it without frosting but what’s a sheet cake without frosting?  Next time around, I’d make up a really light and airy frosting which would pair better.  I recommend this though.


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