What I Call Yummy Chicken

I’m so proud of myself here and it isn’t all that big of an accomplishment, not really but here it is:  I managed, without a recipe, to create an utterly delicious seasoned chicken breast for dinner.  This is big considering where I was a year ago and the fact that I felt confident enough with my seasoning abilities to go out, walk around the produce section and make it up as I went based on flavors that I knew, made me feel like a chef.  I am not, of course, but it’s nice to know that I threw it all together and it ended up tasting very, very good.

Look at it sizzling!

Look at it sizzling!

It’s pretty basic really.  I just fried up some chicken on the stove top but I liked my spice mix.  I mixed together a little poultry seasoning (it had a few spices that I didn’t have separately), parsley, basel, rosemary, and thyme until it smelled like something I wanted to eat.  I often chose my balance based on smell.  In the frying pan, I melted a good amount of butter with some garlic powder.  Rubbed into the breast was a light sprinkle of Italian seasoning because why not?

Then into the pan went the spices, mixed that into the butter and garlic already there and then added one, small, diced onion (relative to your meat).  Then went in the chicken, making sure I spooned some of the mix onto the top of the chicken and sprinkled some kosher salt.  Halfway through I remembered that there was some EVOO in the cupboard (which would have helped in the beginning) and added just a splash of that.  At the end, I decided to be odd and tossed in a little diced tomato.

Very proud of this right here!

Very proud of this right here!

However it worked out, the taste took to the chicken quite well and it was incredibly tender and juicy.  I don’t know if that was the amount of butter I fried it in or what but I’ll take it.  Next time, I’d like to experiment with some heat but I’m still figuring out what flavors of heat I like and what flavors just leave a bad after taste.

To all this I had some homemade creamed corn, the sort we use on the Firestone Farm at Greenfield Village.  All of this (I had most of the spices already but not the produce or meat) came under $8 and I had plenty of leftovers.  Cheaper than most eat-out places and so much better for you.


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