On The Go Soup

No, this isn’t a genius post but I realized that sometimes, you just need ideas for those quick, at work lunches where you don’t want to pack a lunchbag…. Or you hit the snooze one too many times, didn’t make anything the day before and have to grab and run.  With that in mind, I might try to do some posts like this here or there as I find good quickie lunches.  I know I’d appreciate tips and tricks for it.  More heads and always better than one, especially with food.

This time around, I gave Lipton’s Cup of Soup a shot.  They’re just quick little packets of dried soup you can make in a mug (convenient for those stuck at desks and already have a mug hanging around) with some water and a microwave.  I had the cream of chicken one which is alright.  No, it isn’t mind blowing good as some chicken stews that I’ve had (and need to recreate) but in a pinch, it isn’t bad.

I would suggest, however, that you add some crackers to it.  Cheez-its are my choice because they have a nice flavor, decently salted and crumble up really nicely.  Saltines would work but these little packets really need a punch of flavor somewhere.  For kids, if you’re traveling, I’d throw in goldfish…actually, as an adult, I’d do it to!

In short, invest in a little box or two just in case.  You never know when you need it.


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