Lemon Whipped Cinnamon Toast

My mouth has tasted something divine and I’m so very happy my desperate need for dinner and experimentation worked out!  I blame Elementary (which is filling my time before Sherlock is back on).  It makes my brain work.

Being grocery day, I had to make due with what was there, which happened to be enough eggs for french toast and a tub of this lemon pudding whipped concoction I made up as a sort of frosting for a cake I made earlier (post coming for that).  My brain put two and two together, coupled with a love of stuffed french toast from restaurants and voila!  I created something purely fluffy and almost guilt free.  How?  Let me tell you.  (Can you tell I’m very pleased with myself?)

Doesn't it look yummy and so guilty?!

Doesn’t it look yummy and so guilty?!

I made up a cinnamon french toast, pretty basic but I kept the cinnamon and sugar mix down so it was just a hint of it.  Then, for the filling, I followed a frosting recipe I found that didn’t turn out quite right.  Instead, I had this fluffy pudding thing.  Basically, it’s a package of lemon pudding mix (I can’t remember if I grabbed sugar-free or not), lite whipped cream and a cup of 2% milk.  Pudding is pretty low-cal (unless you eat a whole batch) and whipped topping isn’t all that bad for you either.  Mixed up and placed in the frig, it isn’t as frosting-like as I’d have hoped and I have plans to perfect it but as it was, it was utterly delicious, fluffy pudding.  That, I figured might taste good as a filling for a cinnamon toast sandwich.

I took about a large tablespoon of my lemon fluff for each half, then sprinkled the top with powdered sugar instead of syrup.  With the subtle cinnamon sugar toast, it was perfection!  It wasn’t too sugary which happens with french toast and syrup.  I’m excited to try out different flavors of pudding mix in the whipped topping.

I’m never going back to regular french toast again.


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