Pudding Mix Cake and Fluffy Frosting

Arguably, I made this before the french toast post, but I was lazy and didn’t get around to posting it until now.  Part of that is that I wasn’t all that thrilled with how it came out.  Sure, it tasted good but there were many things that failed in this recipe and I wouldn’t be doing this project justice if I didn’t post about them.  Therefore, here we go…

It looks pretty good and doesn't taste half bad.

It looks pretty good and doesn’t taste half bad.

I decided to try and make something with pudding mix especially since there were so many posted on Pinterest about cupcakes and cakes made softer from it.  Why not, right?  I grabbed my sugar-free, fat-free cheesecake pudding mix and found myself a recipe.  Beware if you make these without using a box mix (which i didn’t want to use) and make sure everything is in there.  Part of my problem was that I tried to take a cupcake recipe and make a cake out of it.  It just didn’t bake right.

So part of the problem is that our stove is dying and the other part is probably the recipe.  It sunk in the middle despite passing the ‘stick’ test and cooking the right about of time.  Such things happen and yes, it did taste good, but my favorite part was the ‘frosting’ which I used for the french toast meal posted a few days ago.

Not a bad cake but it needs some work.

Not a bad cake but it needs some work.

All it consists of is a package of sugar-free pudding mix (I used lemon), lite whipped topping and a cup of milk (less milk if you want something thicker), mix and let it set up.  It isn’t as thick as a lot of frosting and I’d rather eat it as a fluffy pudding than frosting.  As such, it didn’t serve the poor cake at all.

But you live and your learn.  I’ll work on the pudding mix cake recipe because I think I can make it work but the so called frosting is a keeper if only because I like it with my french toast and on its own.


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