White Cake Success!

I made yet another attempt at a homemade cake using a difference recipe I found that was based on making cupcakes for a small 9×9 size cake.  Personally, I like that size cake for everyday eating.  It always seems like it goes on and on when you make a bit sheet size if you are only making it for your immediate family.  Of course, this is based on a smaller sized family and not one with tons of kids running about.

Nice and fluffy!

Nice and fluffy!

The recipe was pretty straight forward but I was still worried it would be really dense.  I like a dense cake, having them at Greenfield Village has trained me to really like them.  More cake for your buck really but the family doesn’t seem to like them as much.  For that, I blame box cake mixes entirely.  Homemade cakes are going to be denser than that box stuff and while I won’t discount a box mix for some things, making it all from scratch is so much better.

I did change up some things in the recipe to try and make it a bit fluffier.  I read that using egg whites instead of eggs helps with that, but being a new recipe to me, I kept one egg and then substituted the other egg for two egg whites.  Another change I made came out of necessity.  I looked at the flour bag and thought I would have just enough.  I did not, but my mother suggested I use the pancake mix on hand since I was in a pinch.  It was only 1/2 cup but I think that also helped with the fluffiness of the cake and punched up the flavor just a bit.  I will probably keep this change since the cake did come out nicer than before.

Not going to lie, that's some rich frosting.

Not going to lie, that’s some rich frosting.

To top it all off, I made some buttercream frosting.  I always shied away from it because of the amount of sugar, but my other frosting attempts were not going over big.  They wanted something closer to those canned frostings so voila.  I whipped it up a bit longer and kept it lighter but overall, I liked it.  I will definitely go back to it.

The white cake was a success and I’m thinking I may use it for Easter as a layer cake with a white chocolate ganache in the center.


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