A Trip to King’s Landing

Yes, I am a Game of Thrones fan and really?  Who isn’t?  If you haven’t seen it or read the books, I highly recommend.  I also highly recommend the official cookbook even if you aren’t inclined to take my previous advice.  It isn’t just for fans but fans of period cooking in general.  The writers of the book have painstakingly searched for period recipes matched in the book’s feasts and translated them for us, even made up modern equivalent for those less inclined to try an ancient roman recipe.

They're petite and just ready for some tea

They’re petite and just ready for some tea

This recipe comes from 1690 for little lemon cake style cookies that are mentioned in the book.  I do like the fact that they provide the original text of the recipe, a translated version (for our modern cooking measurements) and instructions, that way you know for sure you are doing something quite old world.  It’s a pretty straight forward recipe but what I noticed as I made it up was how dry it became.  Maybe it’s a user error but I didn’t form a dough following the exact instructions and measurements, therefore, I added a bit of buttermilk, barely even 1/8 cup to help bring it all together.  Next time I might just cut down the flour and a bit of the sugar.

The end result?  Oh, these are sweet little things, almost candy like in their sweetness so I didn’t add the glaze to it but very lemony.  It’s the zest that does it and bonus?  The house smells deliciously like lemon as you make these up and you really will want to consume vast amounts of them.

While I can’t share the recipe with you, since it’s a book and all that jazz, I will suggest you pick it up.  There’s all sorts of recipes from duck, to salads, to drink recipes (not all alcoholic) to breads.  All meals are represented and almost all seasons so grab it up.  I think it’s a must have for those ‘rustic’ type days.


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