The Koolaid Pie Everyone’s Talking About

Technically, these two posts were baked yesterday so that there was a new recipe each week but we couldn’t eat them until today.  Besides, I was stuck in bed all week with the flu and wasn’t allowed anywhere near the kitchen, which seems reasonable.  It was quite the bummer since I did have a few things I wanted to try.  I guess I’ll have to make up for it this next week.


Looks rather impressive but thank goodness it's easy.

Looks rather impressive but thank goodness it’s easy.

This first post is the kool-aid pie that has been floating around Pinterest and probably a few other sites and while I was skeptical at first, I was proven very, very wrong.  It’s a delightful, zippy pie and I’m really looking forward to making this in the summer when baking can get a bit irritating what with the heat and all.  Plus, it tasted like those push-up popsicles I had as a kid (I made the orange flavor) and that’s just a nice treat.

It looks fresh and it's just as fresh on your tongue

It looks fresh and it’s just as fresh on your tongue

It’s extremely easy to make.  All you need to do is combine a package of koolaid, whatever flavor you want, with a can of condensed milk (a 14oz to be exact) and a small tub of cool-whip, which I tend to favor in the fat-free, ‘lite’ version just to make myself feel a bit better about it all.  Add to that a homemade graham cracker crust and you got a yummy, colorful dessert.

my first homemade graham cracker crust... and without a food processor...

my first homemade graham cracker crust… and without a food processor…

It does need to set for about three hours before eating and is actually really good fresh from the frig with a bit of cool-whip on top or some fruit.  If you have kids, give this one a go, or if you just like something creamy, rich and almost ok for you, make this.  I certainly will… cause I always have koolaid on hand and the other two ingredients aren’t too bad on the wallet.


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