Period Little Biscuits

Short and sweet, just like this biscuits…

So what happens is this:  I work at Greenfield Village and therefore, work the farm life and living histories areas where we cook (and much, much more) but that means that many of us take home these recipes and make for ourselves and for our families…because they are just so yummy.  Therefore, all the trial and error happens there and less at home, though converting from a coal stove to a modern stove does have some whoopsie moments.

Look at those discs!  Perfect for soup bowls.

Look at those discs! Perfect for soup bowls.

These South Carolina Biscuits are found in the Buckeye Cookery which I’ve referenced before and since it’s still being printed, I can’t really give out the recipe like I want, but look this book up.  It’s glorious and has so much info in it besides period recipes.  These biscuits are described as good biscuits for a lunch (taken away from the house) but they are also good for a quick bread for dinner.

Now, I should say that they are not super fluffy biscuits but have some nice layers to it.  This lack of fluffiness made my family shrink back from them, which is sad because there’s just a hint of sweetness to this little goodies.  I adore them.  They’re easy to make and easy to eat.  You don’t need jelly, jam or butter on these babies.  So I was somewhat sad to know that I was the one eating them up.

You win some, you lose some I guess.  I’ll try another biscuit recipe later on and fool them…but check out this cookbook.  I swear, you’ll love it!


Jello Cupcake Fad


They look yummy and delicious

Just like clothing, cooking/baking goes through fads and right now, I keep seeing all sorts of jello-this and jello-that recipes popping up.  They’re colorful.  They seem like a good idea.  And they are not for me.  I have found that they are far too sweet for my own sweet tooth and probably a hit with children… and that’s it.

In my pantry there was a chocolate cupcake mix and a box of jello so I grabbed up a random jello and cupcake recipe (extremely simple by the way) and went to work.  You simply make it up per the instructions on the package, separate and add jello to one half and layer it in your baking utensil.  On paper, this should be delicious, soft and yummy and full of flavor combo potential.  In practice, I prefer to use real fruit added to cupcakes than this sugary, almost rubbery mix.

I don’t think it was my choice of chocolate and strawberry.  Both are flavors that mix well together and in all honestly, it looks impressive and yummy.  I really just find the texture of the jello/cake mix a bit strange and the overall flavor too sugary sweet instead of rich-sweet which is my preference in a dessert.  It’s too bad because I really wanted this to be a hit.

They look impressive, don't they?

They look impressive, don’t they?

Some will love it and well, my family and I don’t and that’s what I really wanted to put out there with this post:  a recipe that wasn’t loved by all purely because of personal taste preference   If you don’t show the bad with the good, that’s not an honest venture in cooking and baking.

On the flip side, there’s a medium received posted about period biscuits next.

Brownie Pie

Whew, busy and crazy week, no?  But I’m finally getting around to the brownie pie I made last Sunday… and later today I’ll get something up about some yummy period biscuits that are great for soup days.

A brownie pie is just that: a brownie in a pie crust.  It’s not exactly a new revelation but I can honestly say that I thought to toss it together before I went looking to see if there were any legit recipes for it.  Turns out there are plenty but they are all pretty much the same, so don’t worry about that.

You can see my squished side there...whoops...

You can see my squished side there…whoops…

My original plan was to make a graham cracker crust but the danger of keeping graham crackers in the house are that they get eaten before you can make a crust but that’s alright.  Another time maybe.  With that out of the equation, I threw together my basic sweet crust and halved it to just make the bottom part of the pie.  Some recipes have you bake the crust before baking the brownie but I baked them together and actually think it turned out better than if I had just baked the crust first.

Once the pie crust was done, I threw together the brownie recipe from the first post I made on this blog.  I want to try another, healthier recipe but when grocery day is the next day you don’t have all those healthy substitutes on hand, but that’s alright.  Brownie pie doesn’t lend itself to healthy eating but it is delicious.

Soft and goodie on the inside and the pie crust just frames it nicely.  No lost crumbs.

Soft and goodie on the inside and the pie crust just frames it nicely. No lost crumbs.

Bake it for the length of the brownie, though about 15 minutes in, put some foil around your pie edges so that they don’t burn…just don’t squish down your lovely crust like I did…equally on both sides so at least they were symmetrical.  Ah well, tastes the same right? In the end you have a lovely pie that’s moist and would do wonderfully with some fruit topping.

Banana’s for Breakfast…and Tea…and Everything Else

Can we say hold your horses!  I need more time in my day between cooking/baking/work/sewing and rehearsals.  But that’s alright, I’ll take it.  It just means those homecooked meals and goodies taste even better.

This comes from Wednesday, as I promised last week and they were promptly ate up in a couple of days.  Banana chocolate chip scones everyone!  Healthy and yet…not?  Oh well, they were yummy and considering I always failed at baking scones from a mix, something I thought might end up going the way of those scones as well.  Luckily, that wasn’t they case.

So fluffy and full of flavor!

So fluffy and full of flavor!

They are divine and so very easy to make.  All you need is one ripe banana, as apposed to banana bread or many others that require at least two and while my banana was just this side of not being overly ripe and perfect for baking, it did well enough.  I now, however, have two overly ripe bananas since you can’t exactly by one ripe banana at a time.  It’s a sad fact.  Aside from that, and using left over chocolate from Easter (I had a milk chocolate carrot that was crushed into chips), I followed the recipe exactly.  I will use dark chocolate next time verse the milk chocolate from my candy bit but quibbles.  They recommended the semi-sweet chips and I didn’t feel like getting some, so it’s all on my for that one.

My jumbo slices...this is only one tray.  There was a whole other one.  Whoops.

My jumbo slices…this is only one tray. There was a whole other one. Whoops.

The timing was a little different and I had to bake them at least ten minutes longer than their directions because, for whatever reason, I am horrible as gauging measurements in food when it comes to inches.  Give me fabric and I can do it almost exactly but food?  Nope.  I tend to over compensate and make them a touch big.  Now, that’s great for a scone for breakfast with a bit of Nutella on it, but you just have to remember to bake them longer and yet, not too long.

Now I’m wondering if I can do this recipe with other fruit purees, like strawberry and oh!  Blueberry… and it’s be so charmingly colorful!

…Next up is a brownie pie, which is baking as I type this…

Lemon Parsley Chicken

Very tragically, I missed last week.  It wasn’t that there was no baking or cooking going on, just that they were repeats and requests by the family and a few standbys for GV which stars next Monday.  This just means there are two recipes for this week to make up for it.

This one is rather easy.  I started with a lemon-dill chicken recipe and had to modify it per what the pantry and frig contained, which is often the case.  Happily, this recipe still tasted amazing after the tweeks which I think owes itself to the recipe.  I’m quite fond of recipes that allow that freedom in the kitchen, but don’t we all?

Look at it cooking away, smelling up the house with yumminess.

Look at it cooking away, smelling up the house with yumminess.

The changes I made were pretty basic anyway.  Luckily, there were a couple of lemons in the frig (which aren’t usually there but I’ll take it) and it allowed me to use my little, wooden juicer and I love using my wooden utensils.  I didn’t have any dill (though the next time I will make this with dill because it would be amazing) or any onions since the last one had been used for a dinner in which I hadn’t been home to notice.  My family didn’t miss it since they are not the biggest onion fans but I am and I wish I could have used them.

There's so much flavor in this and apparently only 173 calories, so score!

There’s so much flavor in this and apparently only 173 calories, so score!

In place of dill, I used the same amount of herbs but used parsley and some basil, plus I rubbed the chicken with just a little bit of poultry seasoning with the salt and pepper before the searing of it.  The only other issue was that the flour wasn’t quite enough to thicken the mixture and I had to add a bit to make it work but that’s all part of the process.

The result is delicious and I love the tang of the lemon with the chicken.  It’s definitely only to be one of those repeat recipes for me while I play with the herb combos.