Banana’s for Breakfast…and Tea…and Everything Else

Can we say hold your horses!  I need more time in my day between cooking/baking/work/sewing and rehearsals.  But that’s alright, I’ll take it.  It just means those homecooked meals and goodies taste even better.

This comes from Wednesday, as I promised last week and they were promptly ate up in a couple of days.  Banana chocolate chip scones everyone!  Healthy and yet…not?  Oh well, they were yummy and considering I always failed at baking scones from a mix, something I thought might end up going the way of those scones as well.  Luckily, that wasn’t they case.

So fluffy and full of flavor!

So fluffy and full of flavor!

They are divine and so very easy to make.  All you need is one ripe banana, as apposed to banana bread or many others that require at least two and while my banana was just this side of not being overly ripe and perfect for baking, it did well enough.  I now, however, have two overly ripe bananas since you can’t exactly by one ripe banana at a time.  It’s a sad fact.  Aside from that, and using left over chocolate from Easter (I had a milk chocolate carrot that was crushed into chips), I followed the recipe exactly.  I will use dark chocolate next time verse the milk chocolate from my candy bit but quibbles.  They recommended the semi-sweet chips and I didn’t feel like getting some, so it’s all on my for that one.

My jumbo slices...this is only one tray.  There was a whole other one.  Whoops.

My jumbo slices…this is only one tray. There was a whole other one. Whoops.

The timing was a little different and I had to bake them at least ten minutes longer than their directions because, for whatever reason, I am horrible as gauging measurements in food when it comes to inches.  Give me fabric and I can do it almost exactly but food?  Nope.  I tend to over compensate and make them a touch big.  Now, that’s great for a scone for breakfast with a bit of Nutella on it, but you just have to remember to bake them longer and yet, not too long.

Now I’m wondering if I can do this recipe with other fruit purees, like strawberry and oh!  Blueberry… and it’s be so charmingly colorful!

…Next up is a brownie pie, which is baking as I type this…


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