Jello Cupcake Fad


They look yummy and delicious

Just like clothing, cooking/baking goes through fads and right now, I keep seeing all sorts of jello-this and jello-that recipes popping up.  They’re colorful.  They seem like a good idea.  And they are not for me.  I have found that they are far too sweet for my own sweet tooth and probably a hit with children… and that’s it.

In my pantry there was a chocolate cupcake mix and a box of jello so I grabbed up a random jello and cupcake recipe (extremely simple by the way) and went to work.  You simply make it up per the instructions on the package, separate and add jello to one half and layer it in your baking utensil.  On paper, this should be delicious, soft and yummy and full of flavor combo potential.  In practice, I prefer to use real fruit added to cupcakes than this sugary, almost rubbery mix.

I don’t think it was my choice of chocolate and strawberry.  Both are flavors that mix well together and in all honestly, it looks impressive and yummy.  I really just find the texture of the jello/cake mix a bit strange and the overall flavor too sugary sweet instead of rich-sweet which is my preference in a dessert.  It’s too bad because I really wanted this to be a hit.

They look impressive, don't they?

They look impressive, don’t they?

Some will love it and well, my family and I don’t and that’s what I really wanted to put out there with this post:  a recipe that wasn’t loved by all purely because of personal taste preference   If you don’t show the bad with the good, that’s not an honest venture in cooking and baking.

On the flip side, there’s a medium received posted about period biscuits next.


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