It’s a New Year!

So yes, I did stop posting here around the time I was cast in two shows and I had little free time of my own, but that did not mean that I stopped making new recipes each with, on the contrary.  I actually fulfilled last year’s New Year resolution and made something new each week, and I did photograph it and placed it on my Instagram (which I’ll link up at the top here).  I simply wasn’t able to blog about it.  That will, hopefully, change, but so will the idea of this year’s ‘Weekly 52.’

This year will continue the cooking/baking resolution (because it is fun) but I will be adding a new piece of written work each week in order to get back in touch with my writing hobby I loved in high school and college and let fall by the way-side.  In addition, I will also create a new sketch each week because as a kid and student, I was drawing every night as a release and I miss it.  This is my way of getting back in touch with outlets of creativity that I have been craving.  I hope, at the end, to have furthered my drawing ability and to create a little book of writing that illustrates my year.  It’ll be educational and interesting and fun.

And yes, I’ll still be cooking and maybe put of a photo blog entry of what I made.  I can’t give that up.  Food is just too good!


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