The first entry!

I wrote this last week during my little mini vacation to Chicago, while I was waiting at the train station to get back home.

January 2nd, 2014

Hurry, hurry.
Wait, stop.
One step forward
Two steps back
It’s a hubbub
A rush
A crushing chorus
It’s a common goal
Pushing forward
Eager to be released
To burst at the seams
Hurry, hurry.
Wait, stop.
Deep breath and hold it
Let it out
The dam’s broke
It’s a raging tide
A song of voices
A flood gate
Hurry, hurry.
Wait.  Wait.
Just. Wait.


2 thoughts on “The first entry!

    • Thank you! We’re such a society of rush, rush, rush and it just felt like the time to write about it while I stood there anxious to catch a late train…with a large crowd of other anxious people.

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