Week 2: Apparently on a poetry kick

So…  I guess poetry is the name of the game right now.  I tried to put together a little short story but it didn’t want to come out.  Instead, this weird ditty did.  Whoops.

Sandy Shore
January 10, 2014

Step lightly.
The sand will wash away
Carry the stories of
Break ups
Sun sets
Tire swings
Carries them out to sea
Spins them
Flips them
Until they are one
They are many
Transplanted on a distant shore
A new step
A new life
Another step on a sandy shore


There is a sketch for last week (it was posted on Instagram) and I’ll get that posted here shortly as soon as I put a ‘watermark’ on it because it’s a design for an outfit I’m making so…ya know… making sure it stays mine.


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