Week Five: it’s all a verse

That iPad Air commercial with Robin Williams was everywhere last week and it still is, but for good reason.  It’s catchy and exciting and inspiring.  The next thing I know, I’m writing my own verse…


Inspired by the Robin Williams iPad Air commercial
January 31st, 2014

My verse. My verse?
What verse should go here?
What words are adequate to romanticize a life?
A Shakespearean sonnet perhaps
It bloometh e’er long a’fore the sun
Or a musical lyric meant to be belted in the spotlight
Up an octave, down an octave, hold that note
What if all the world’s a stage?
Girl: (with tears in her eyes, she crosses R) but it can’t be lost forever
Or a few waltzing steps
Grande ronde de jambe, step, step, arabesque en pointe
A whoosh, whoosh of a police call box
An imaginary land where elves and men and orcs fight for a lost ring
Swords of light, teleporters, an unsolved murder
All fiction. All real.
Is this our verse?
Our stamp in time?
Is it a bruised knees on an empty swing?
A champagne toast to love to the end
The faith in God who will love us, hold us, guide us
Our tears at the end of a book while soaking in a tub
Dreams of far off, fantastical places we’ve seen on screen
The yearning to see sunlight in frozen winters
A bow at the end of a show, roses at our feet
Is this the mark of a verse?
Is the book important? Or the bruise?
The love? The pain? The confusion in between?
The Jedi? The vampire? The Dark Knight on pages?
What verse can hold it all?
Can we even ask it to carry the burden?
My verse? What verse? A verse.
A fading footprint in a mass of stars


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