Week Four: It’s about the animals

Last week I was horribly ill so I spent a lot of time with TLC, HGTV, Animal Planet, and you get the trend.  In the process I wrote this ode to homeless pets everywhere… 

Lament of the Forgotten
for the animals shivering in the cold
January 25th, 2014

The ground is cold beneath me
It’s where I lay my head
A chain
A rope
A lock
It keeps me here
A leaky roof
No roof
It doesn’t matter
This is where I stay
In my throat
Tied up tight
My plea
My whine
My beg
For one warm glance
To lock eyes and know I am
But here I am lost
Praying that tomorrow will change it all
Find me
Hold me
Kiss me
Break these bindings and fill me
Scoop me up on your warm arms
Don’t leave
Don’t look away
Don’t hurry by
See my bed, the cold dirt
See my chains, they burn
See how empty and thin I am
Hear me
See me
Save me



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