Week Seven: Snow White

I don’t even know where this one came from.  Well, I do…  It came from the first line and just took on a life from there.

Snow White
February 13th, 2014

I live behind the sunflower patch
Where their faces spin to catch the sun
But there behind them, nestled in the shade of old oaks
I live
I do not live alone, for there are eight of us
They go out and dig and drive and come home
Jolly, tempered, weathered, ill, intelligent, quiet and tired
Some are bearded, some are not but all of them like
Fathers, uncles, cousins
They care for me and I, for them
In what ways I can
I cannot repay them for giving me shelter
Scooping me up out of the darkness
With warm blankets, tea and a meager soup
When all else was against me
There men were there
They have kept me safe from harm
From the woman who plays at being my family
All for roses and snow and ebony
Here I have green and gold and clear blue sky
I pray that I will always
Leave her to her parties
I have my bundle of new family
Out here, behind the sunflower patch
Where we work and laugh and sing
Old oaks dance to the wind and apples tumble nearby
Where I hide and
Where I live
I live happily by and by


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