Week Six: Frozen

I have a back log of things to post…whew…but that’s a good thing.  I means I have been keeping up with my resolution.  So here’s Week Six, and no, it wasn’t inspired by the movie, though I guess it could if you wanted it to.

February 5th, 2014

The sunlight glistens
bouncing off me in a thousand rays,
Each a rainbow,
A small miracle of light.
A heart stopping wind
Slides around me,
Floating off my skin,
Whistling in my ears.
A white whisper dances in my eyes,
Each twist and curve with a dancer’s grace,
Perfect and cold.
I am a part of this ballet.
The howling in the painful, still night.
Where the boot crunches, there I am.
A snap of a glazed twig,
Or the blinding light of dawn on white,
My heart is crystal and clear.
My limbs heavy with flakes.
My skin unbending, flawless.
I am dreaded and loved,
Cherished and tossed aside.
I am the white dark before dark light.
I am cold…
Too cold.
I am frozen.


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