Meatless for Lent

It’s been a while and I have some posts to catch up from February, but here’s a new project for lent: Meatless.  Quite a few of my friends, many of whom have no connection to each other, have decided to go meatless for lent and it struck me: that’s an interesting idea.  With the rise of vegan and vegan diets, why not try it?  It also serves as a good way for me to explore different protein options because I know that’s one area I tend to forget about.

So this is the mission:  Meatless for lent (I’ve also added only 3 days for goodies/sweets cause I’ve been overindulging lately) with a cheat day (for meat) on Sunday.

Let it begin!

Day One:
So far, so good.  Day one is always the easiest.  You still have your resolve.  However… that frozen pizza is calling and will have to patiently wait until Sunday.  I forsee many days of eggs… in any way I can get them.