A Cinnamon Roll in a Minute

I know I missed a week or so there, but I’ll blame finances and if this was a more political blog, I’d go into the details of being a struggling, underpaid, under-worked, over-educated millennial, but this isn’t…  It’s just that the past week, I was using up the minute dinners and cans of goods, so there wasn’t really anything worth posting.  I did attempt this delicious mug cake below, but the first picture was horrible, so I made it again… it was that good.

Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake...it was delicious.

Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake…it was delicious.

I’ll first start off by saying, I didn’t alter this one in any way.  I know that a lot of the times I will, substituting or adjusting for my own tastes, but with these mug cakes, I want to try and do that exact and find the best one.  Let me say that this one really does taste like what it claims to be: a cinnamon roll in a mug cake.  If the texture hadn’t given it away, I would have thought it was a cinnamon roll.  Obviously, this has a more cake texture to it than the bread-like roll but boy, the flavors are so very, very close.

This one is a definite try.  It actually cooks up in the time that the recipe says, is fluffy and full of flavor.  I’d even recommend this on Sunday mornings (it was a tradition in my house as a kid that my dad would get up before church and pop in the cinnamon rolls for us when we woke up…  it was the extent of my dad’s baking).

It has become clear to me that I need a better mug to do these in…  so the search will be on…


Chicken Pot Pie and Apple Pie Bites for One

For whatever reason, I was craving pot pie yesterday, maybe that has something to do with The Chew and having a show devoted to pies. Curse them and their making me crave certain things.  Luckily, my mother was cooking up a chicken for dinner, so I was able to be a little scavenger and snag a bit of it for my own, personal pot pie (they, apparently, did not have the same cravings that I did).

Isn't that little dish adorable.  Only cost me a buck at Target.

Isn’t that little dish adorable. Only cost me a buck at Target.

I made a very, very basic pie dough of flour, butter, salt and water.  For savory pies, I like my crust very basic so that everything else does the talking.  Now, I didn’t make a full batch, only a half batch since I just wanted the top of my pie.  This meant I had left overs to make my little dessert which I’ll talk about after this.

All warm and inviting.

All warm and inviting.

Inside, I used that cup o’ soup creamy chicken for the gravy, making it over the stove and adding to it, onions, half a potato and some carrots.  In that, I tossed some parsley and rosemary to punch up the spices in the quick soup mix.  It made up pretty thick and creamy for the pie, though I would add some salt and pepper to it next time.  With that, I layered in my chicken breast and a hard boiled egg, much like my grown-up pot pie recipes.  It turned out nicely, though very dense so even my little single serve was a bit much for me.

Cute little slices.  Perfect for dipping, I would think

Cute little slices. Perfect for dipping, I would think

Now onward to dessert.  Like I said, I had some extra dough that I couldn’t bring myself to just toss, and I had one, lonely apple left.  I simple took a cup, cut out little circles and mixed up some apple pie filling with the sliced apple.  They were very small but very nice with just a touch of ice cream, especially when they’re hot.  I don’t always like a super large dessert, so this was perfect.

A little ice cream and we're set.

A little ice cream and we’re set.

All in all, it was a heart meal and didn’t use up too many resources, which I like.  You don’t need to make a big batch of something to make something comforting.